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    Community Support

    We are so very thankful for the broad support of the Himalayan community all these years, particularly the members from Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti and Ladakh, toward our daily operation, food supplies and the ongoing construction works at Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara.

    Those who are interested in joining the volunteering works at our Institute, or who would like to make any forms of contribution, here are some highlights of the many ways for you, as part of our community, to support our operation and development, building a conducive living and learning environment for these Himalayan monks of Dechen Choekhor.

    1. Become a member* of Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara. Our monks will perform regular dedication at monastery, and conduct the necessary puja and prayer based upon request from members.
    2. Donations of daily staple foodstuffs (barley, rice, dahl, sugar, salt, etc.); fresh fruits and vegetables; appropriate fabric or cloth for monk robes, and other goods play a vital part in helping us to deliver essential support day in, day out.
    3. Offering voluntary works for the construction projects (temples and hostel's constructions, statues and sculpture's artist, painters, etc.).

    To all of our donors and volunteers who help keep us running, we thank you for doing what you do. Your continuous supports, helping us to materialize our aspiration and mission in providing the necessary trainings to develop the skills and cultivate the authentic mind in these Himalayan monks, preparing them to benefit all mother beings through spiritual guidance and steering toward the deliverance from samsara.

    * 'Member' referring to an individual from the Himalayan regions or the local Indian Buddhist community, joining the move in supporting the running of Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara, either through monetary sponsorship, donations of foods or other materials, and voluntary works, etc.


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    The Himalayan devotees making offerings (barley, rice, dahl, potatoes, beans and other staple foodstuffs as well as monetary support) to the Sangha community upon completion of the teachings and initiation conferred by Choegon Rinpoche.


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