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Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo 2018 Message:

Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo

My Dear Friends and Dharma-Sangha Disciples,

Happy New Year!

I am happy that together, we have walk through a significant 2017. During this year, I am delighted to see that more and more of my disciples are practicing the Dharma with advancement. I deeply believe that compassion and bodhicitta are the foundation and method of all practices. I sincerely hope that every one of you, through long-term practice and accumulation of merit, that you will be able to integrate Dharma more and more into your daily life and workplace. And that your spiritual practices and Dharma are capable of nourishing your mind and soul more deeply, benefiting each and every one of you.

I also want to thank you all dearly for your hard works and selfless supports in the Inauguration and Opening of our Dechen Choekhor this year. I am thanking not just for your support in the construction of the monastery, but also your invaluable contributions to our yearly prayers which are fundamental to the continuation and thriving of our lineage practices.

In the past twenty-five years, the construction of this monastery was my foremost responsibility and task. In these twenty-five years, there were countless wakeful and restless nights, incalculable hardships and challenges, innumerable difficulties and setbacks ... but that have never shaken my determination to rebuild the monastery. Until now, I could still recall clearly my root guru - Adeu Rinpoche's words: "You must rebuild Dechen Choekhor; it is the head of Drukpa Kargyu. Without the head, Drukpa Kargyu only left with mere body. Without a leader, it has no life force."

I strive over two decades to fulfill the aspirations and instructions of my root guru. I spent more than twenty years to rebuild the monastery of great importance to Drukpa Kargyu. I suppose this is one of the highest offering of my faith and devotion to my guru. It is the unsurpassed path of my spiritual practice. Here, I hope my disciples too, like myself, could profoundly realize the quintessence of Vajrayana practice. Through completely relying trusting your guru, one enters into the correct unmistaken path of practice.

Well, now, the rebuilding of Dechen Choekhor monastery has finally completed. She is like a kind beautiful mother, always waiting and welcoming the returns of her children with open arms. As the New Year begins, let us share the joy of spiritual practices, soothes each other worries, and enjoys the warmth like a big family.

Last but not least, I want to thanks Lily, whom with tremendous courage and devotion, dedicated her body, speech and mind into serving and fulfilling the guru's wishes. And to my team and all of you, my dear friends and students across the globe, who have for many years, worked tirelessly and selflessly to assist my Dharma activities. In the future, this team will take on more dharma works and responsibilities to serve our big Dharma-Sangha family. Please have faith in your spiritual journey, trust your crew and support their works.

May each of us have a meaningful 2018. May the Dharma be with us. My blessings and protection are with you all, always! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Choekyi Gonpo


Photo caption: The 9th Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo posted with the statue of The 1st Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo, whom are widely known as the Lord of all vajra holders of Tsari, the sacred meditation place to the Drukpa Kargyu for centuries.



My Dear Dharma Friends,

I hope you all are doing well. Here are the few words I want you all to keep at heart.

Don't expect too much when you practice the dharma. In Vajrayana, your practice itself is the result, the fruit. Thus, practice diligently.

Hoping to achieve any results too fast or too desperately can be an obstacle on the path of Vajrayana. No one can realize the nature of mind too easily, but everyone may have a glimpse of it through the Guru's blessings. Thus, just continue to meditate. The great wise ones say, "It is not meditation, but to get used to or to familiarize with." This means you have to maintain awareness always - that is mediation.

If you can't do this in the beginning, then try to meditate whenever your time permits. But, don't chase for immediate results or expect things to change dramatically. If you do, the Mara will enter. We should not be trapped in hope. If we are trapped in hope, then naturally we will be trapped in fear as well.

Practice the Middle Path. This is especially true for those who have a decent job or career. They should not simply give up their jobs or quit working. Keep the jobs or works, and offer your best to serve mankind and humanity. Just ensure that Dharma is part of your everyday life, your way of life. Be kind and always cheerful and helpful at the workplace. Maintain a joyful heart and treat all with kindness. Find time to practice whenever and wherever you can. Live a healthy life. Be responsible; take care of the people around you. Be skillful; do not project the image of a religious fanatic. Focus on the devotion to your guru. This is the only way to attain realization. According to Vajrayana, if you lose devotion to your guru, it is the sign that the biggest Mara has entered into your heart. Be aware of it!

I want all my students to learn this and take this as their way of lives to cultivate a healthy Dharma-Sangha community. MARA IS EGO. DHARMA IS EGOLESSNESS. That's why we all can be bodhisattvas.  

With much love and blessings,




I am deeply saddened by the passing of Kyabje Drubwang Dorzong Rinpoche, whom I have known for over 40 years - an eminent and truly symbolic master of the Drukpa Kargyu. It is a profound loss to Tibetan Buddhism, especially to our lineage of Drukpa.

Dorzong Rinpoche Parinirvana.jpg

Rinpoche was widely revered as one of the most learned, practiced and respected masters of Vajrayana. Undaunted by hardships and challenges, with great courage and conviction, he endeavoured to preserve and propagate the authentic teachings of Drukpa Kargyu. His lineage has been closely bound to our monastery for over four hundred years.

During these important moments, while he is resting in the state of Dharmakaya, it is crucial that all his followers and friends strive to unite with his enlightened mind, remembering his kindness and noble intentions, and pray single-mindedly with fervent devotion for his swift reincarnation. May his enlightened activities and vast aspirations to benefit beings continue to unfold, without impediment and quickly attain fruition.

With heartfelt devotion and prayers,

Choekyi Gonpo

February 18th, 2017



Happy New Year to all my dear friends and students across the globe!

New Year sprouts new hope, new beginning and new quest. It is like a clean, unblemished diary waiting for you to pen your own new goals and new chapters in life. This is the best time of the year and the most hopeful moment to pledge for new resolutions. It all begins with our willingness and determination to a positive change.

Free your heart from the dragging past, and prepare to embrace the fresh year with an open and a joyful heart. Start afresh with new confidence, new aspirations, and positive approaches. Make your present count by engaging in the meaningful and virtuous endeavours that make yourself and those around you happy and healthy.

I wish you all good health, happiness, and success in the upcoming 2017. And I encourage all dear students who are currently doing Preliminaries to complete it in this year. And for those who have not yet begun, to make a firm resolution to kick start this year.

I am looking forward to seeing your progress and advancement in your practice, and to further bestowing you all with higher and more advance teachings. Wishing you all a bright and prosperous year ahead!

With much love and blessings,


December 31st, 2016 



My Dear Friends & Students,

Happy Saga Dawa! I am sure all of you are going the extra miles to perfect the Two Accumulations in this sacred month of Lord Buddha. On top of your virtuous endeavours, I would like to encourage all my students to engage in life-release activities on the upcoming Saga Dawa Düchen (21st May, 2016).

It needs not be a massive release, but every release, from acquiring the animals to the final release, should be embraced with the skillful means of the bodhichitta resolve and sincere dedications and aspirations.

Maintain low profile while purchasing the animals to prevent the supposedly kind deeds from turning into massive trading opportunities that cause more harm to them in the future. While releasing, ensure that the place to be is a safe sanctuary for the animals to thrive on, and perform the release cautiously and gently with compassion and patience.

Dedicate the merits to all mother-beings, particularly to the Dharma friends who need our love and prayer most at this very moment. Pray for their wellbeing, happiness and for the advancement in their spiritual path. The life releasing deeds would also be very beneficial to all those who have been eating meat almost their entire life. 

Choekyi Gonpo



Dear Friends & Students,

These are the greetings I composed for 2016 Tibetan New Year. It's not very poetic nor beautiful, but it contains the essential message of the Eightfold Noble Path taught by Lord Buddha.

Everyone who practices the Eightfold Noble Path - Right View; Right Intention; Right Speech; Right Action; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration - with all these course of virtue, one's life will always be auspicious.

Our life become auspicious when we do everything right, not wrong. Then, the physical manifestations, the surroundings, the environment, the planet, the universe … everything will be right. How can we be right? It is only achievable through following the Eightfold Noble Path - the path that ends suffering, leading to ultimate happiness.

Druk Choekyi Gonpo

2016 Jetsun Choekyi Gonpo Losar Wishes-web.jpg

Through the correct View - realizing the infallible nature of Cause and Effect,

May you engage in correct Livelihood - ever free from the stains of covetousness.

Through Effort, correctly and completely inclined towards virtue,

May you engage in correct Mindfulness and never waver from virtue.

Through the correct force of single-pointed Concentration,

May you be unaffected by neither sluggishness nor dullness.

Through eloquent and correct Speech - speaking of the profound Dharma to interested parties,

May you endeavor in correct Action, and establish this in mind.

Through the perfect integration of the Karmic Lore of Cause and Effect, and the Two Truths,

May you become fortunate - possessed of perfect Understanding.

May this New Year smile favorably on your endeavors and Usher in an abundance of auspiciousness everywhere!

                                                                                                 Druk Choekyi Gonpo, Losar 2016



Choegon Rinpoche 2016 Wishes2.jpg

Dear Dharma friends and students,

Once again, we are approaching the end of the year. It's a perfect time to reflect and reconcile upon one's accomplishments and downfalls to better prepare oneself to seize the new opportunities and to brave the fresh challenges in the coming year.

The harshness of everyday reality has disenchanted many of their idealistic hopes and plans. However, you shouldn't allow it to shatter your faith and trust in the Dharma and your practices. The teachings of Lord Buddha are the only unfailing pillar for you to rely upon, in this life and all lives to come. Following his guidance and persevere in the path set forth by him, you shall reap the imperishable fruit of enlightenment and cease the endless circling between pain and joy, happiness and disappointments in this tricky and deceitful cyclic existence.

May this fresh New Beginning:

  • Be a messenger of joy, love, happiness, peace and abundance;
  • Rekindle your pledges of altruism and loving kindness;
  • Heighten your resolution to take actions and embrace virtues;
  • Endow you with the courage and strength to triumph over all challenges.

Happy New Year and have a great 2016!

With my blessings and best wishes,

Choegon Rinpoche, Dec. 2015


THE SACRED SAGA DAWA (19 May - 16 June, 2015)

Saga Dawa, observe on the fourth Tibetan lunar calendar, is an extremely auspicious four-fold celebration month, commemorating Lord Buddha's miraculous conception, birth, enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana. It's another precious opportunity for us to rekindle, renew or strengthen our resolutions, particularly those related to Dharma practices. Keep well and be happy, for nothing is more fortunate than being alive, meeting and practicing the sublime Dharma!

Happy Saga Dawa, my dear friends and students!

With my blessings and best wishes,

Choegon Rinpoche.  19th May, 2015



Mother's Day is a good reminder for us to think and repay our mothers kindness. We must always recall the love and care we received from our mother since the time we were first conceived in her womb until now. Mother's care is immeasurable and beyond our imagination.

In Buddhist perspective, this precious human life is provided by our kind mother. Without them, we won't have the opportunity to practice Dharma and to hear this teaching. Mother should be the first person to think of and to thank. As Abraham Lincoln said, "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

It's truly very difficult to repay a mother's kindness. In Nepal recently, a young mother and her baby were rescued from the rubbles after being buried for days. While lying on the hospital bed, the extremely weak mother asking for her baby. Despite her physical frailness, she strives very hard to breastfeed her baby … and while the baby still sucking her milk, the mother passed away … It's very very sad to read the news. That's the kind of love a mother hold for their children. This is the kind of love we all receiving from our dear mother, knowingly or unknowingly - the mother's selfless unconditional love!

Today is the once a year opportunity to shower her with extra love and care. However, caring for our parents is not just a one-day event. We should continue to care for them as much as possible. In fact, every day is mother's day as their love for us does not limit to just one day.

When we think of our mother, we should try to expand it to cover all beings. Every being has their own mother, and every mother is kind. They have this mother's kindness. Not necessary they are kind to all people, but at least they love and care for their own children selflessly. Thus, do not forget the countless beings that are suffering across the world from illnesses, warfare, natural disasters, etc. For them, are once too, our dear mothers. Remember and keep them in our prayers!

Happy mother's day!

Choegon Rinpoche. May 9th, 2015


Choegon Rinpoche Condolence Message on Nepal Earthquake1.jpg


Nepal, the holy sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha, is a peaceful abode to many Buddhist and Hindus, where they co-existed like nowhere else in the world, living harmoniously and lovingly together for centuries. It's a beautiful country that has captured the hearts of many. When you stepped in here, your minds will naturally feel calm and serene; a joyful gladdened warmth permeates your very being.

Nonetheless, this divine land is still not spared from the attacks of the four great nature catastrophes. This sudden unprecedented powerful earthquake has already taken more than 3000 precious lives, flattened the monasteries, temples, shrines and stupas of many major holy places, and toppled countless homes and villages. Incalculable mud and brick houses, once called home, were leveled to piles of dirt and rubbles. Looking at their situations broke my heart.

For this purpose, my monastery, Dechen Choekhor near Manali, have initiated a five-day Grand Buddha Vajrasattva Puja, to pray and dedicate merits for the deceased; forming aspiration prayers for the survivors and all those who were affected by this quake, to pacify all obstacles and harms. I, myself will continue making aspiration prayers and supplications to the unsurpassed field of merit - the supreme Three-Jewels, earnestly and resolutely!!

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche

April 27th, 2015


Choegon Rinpoche Nepal Earthquake Condolence Letter-Tib-Final.jpg


Web-Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche LOSAR Wishes-Tib.jpg

Losar is more than just an ordinary new year, but a special occasion that carries exceptional blessings for one to set forward the year with virtuous and meaningful deeds that benefit self and other! Every new beginning brings new hope, new opportunity and new challenges! Whatever may come their way, our state of mind and the subsequent reactions define its outcomes. Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to resolve them. Victory never comes without opponents. Strength is developed through enduring hardships. Thus, embrace each challenge as an opportunity for self-transformation and advancement.

May all my friends and students be endowed with a bold heart that takes every challenge at stride; the courage of honoring defeat; the humbleness while celebrating successes; the strength to love impartially, and the grace of generosity to reach out for the needy.

Wishing you all an auspicious LOSAR, and a New Year of health, peace, love, joy, prosperity, success and abundance! Happy New Year!

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche, 19th Feb. 2015

Web-Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche LOSAR Wishes-Eng.jpg

Choegon Rinpoche 2015 New Year Message-R.JPG


Here we are again with another year passing and another annual event unfolding - counting down for the dawn of a New Year, while reflecting on the past and making resolutions for tomorrow.

The end of one year and beginning of another is a good occasion to pledge for positive changes. Willing to make and take change are the key to accomplishments, for both spiritual and mundane endeavors. Thinking, aiming and wishing for betterment will never work, until we take the right change and embark on the right path! Procrastination is a dream crusher, while impermanence is the magical creator and destroyer.

Let's look inwardly to our own body, speech, and mind. Reflect upon our actions, speeches and thoughts. Make and commit to one positive change that mattered to you most; and harvest your fruits of fulfillment at this time of next year. Wishing all my dear friends and students a fulfilling and contented year with abundance of blessings, happiness and wisdom.

Happy New Year 2015!

Choegon Rinpoche, 29th December, 2014 



Mother's love is said to be one of the closest to the unconditional or universal love. There are numerous Sutras expounded by Lord Buddha on the deep kindness of parents and how to repay their kindness. All these teachings highlight the importance of honoring and repaying the kindness of one's parents. In Vajrayana particularly, disrespecting, disregarding or not repaying the kindness of one's parents, is considered a severe transgression of samayas.

Soon after Buddha was born, his mother passed away. After attaining enlightenment, in order to repay his mother's kindness and to liberate her from the cyclic existence, Buddha went to Tushita heaven for three months to teach the holy Dharma to his mother. Even Lord Buddha has to carry out the actions on repaying the kindness of his mother. Thus, it's extremely important for each and every one of us, every humankind, particularly the Dharma practitioners, to remember, to appreciate and to repay the kindness of their mothers.

In the practice of bodhichitta, we always begin with remembering the kindness of our mothers, and with that examples, we develop our bodhicitta mind. Then, extending it to seeing that every living being had been our mothers in the past, to deepen and broaden our love and compassion.

Buddha acts to benefit his mother2.jpg

The kindness of mother is boundless and limitless. Owing to her kindness, we were given this precious human life, and gotten the opportunities to do whatever we are doing now, specifically in meeting and practicing the sublime Dharma.

Someone like us, being born by them, and becoming a source of virtues. The sons or daughters, breathing a live of virtuous, and are pursuing the noble path of Lord Buddha. The causes and conditions of all the good things that we are engaging now through Dharma, are wholly due to the kindness of our mothers. That's why our mothers shall be benefited the most from the virtues and merits we have accumulated through Dharma.

Mother's Day is a special day to remember and to repay our mother's kindness. Shower her with much love, respect and appreciation. This is the special occasion to make them happy and offer them the finest treatment. However, from the Buddhist perspective, the best way of repaying their kindness, is through Dharma. Bringing them Dharma, sharing with them the teachings of Lord Buddha, gently and skillfully. Nevertheless, if our parents are not yet into the Dharma, do not force them to practice Dharma. But, start with ourselves. Live our lives in accord to the Dharma, behave and act according to the Dharma. Inspire them through our practices, our attitudes. We should be kind; we should be good. The changes should be first seen in ourselves. When they see the positive changes in us, they will start appreciating the path that we followed, and naturally, their mind will turn toward the Dharma. Even if they do not practice the Dharma as we did, simply living their lives the Dharma way, is much more practical and meaningful than forcing them to be a serious practitioner.

Buddha acts to benefit his mother3.jpg

Forcing them is not good. If you force them too much, they may get offended, agitated, and turned against or walked further away from the Dharma. Then, we became the source of their negative karma. It's because of our unskillfulness or incompetency, they rejected the Dharma. We should never force other to do what we do. If we truly love somebody, we should be the leading examples, the models of what they are yearning to see. Maybe, we can persuade them a little, but not too much.

One of the most important aspects of Bodhisattva is skilfulness. We have to be more mentally pure than being physically or verbally pure. Words and actions that may seem inappropriate, but was done with a pure mind and intention that give rise to positive results or virtues, is far more important than speaking the perfect words or performing the noblest acts, which later become the cause of someone else negative karma. Thus, maintaining a pure mind, pure motivation is incomparably more vital than striving rigidly to conform one's speech or action with the Dharma. Every word or deed of the Bodhisattvas, is done with the purest intention -- to benefit beings. Sometimes, what they utter or do, may not seem perfect, but their minds are always pure with their intention and motivation, solely for the benefits of beings.

Wishing all, a happy, meaningful and inspiring Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day!

With all my Warmth and Loving Care,

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche

11th May 2014



2014 Choegon Rinpoche Losar Blessings.jpg



On this, the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the year of the Wood Horse, I would like to take the opportunity to offer you my very best wishes for the year to come.

We are all entering a New Year: a fresh beginning. As we advance into a new chapter of our lives, having learned from the experiences of the past, we must now move on with a renewed perspective, to fulfill our unfinished commitments and set our sights high so as to enjoy an enriching life.

Choegon Rinpoche 2014 Lunar New Year Wishing2.jpg

The New Year is, generally speaking, a time of great celebration, festivity, and enjoyment. However, from the Buddhist perspective, it is also a time to reflect upon change, upon the impermanence of things. Another year has passed and another begun. The cycles of birth and death, growth and decay, accumulation and depletion, friendship and enmity, union and separation, joy and sorrow, rising and falling, comfort and hardship, positivity and negativity all continue unabated.

The passing of another year should be used as a reminder of our commitment to practice. Did we use the past year to practice the Dharma to the best of our ability, or did we procrastinate and put our practice on hold until the ever elusive 'perfect time' is made manifest?

'Oh, I have time…. Later on.' Is the greatest deception and obstacle to Dharma practice. For once familiarity with procrastination has set in, our lives, from the cradle to the grave, will be spent in distraction and we will never get to experience the authentic Buddha Dharma.

The blessings of the Three-Jewels and Three-Roots may, on occasion, cause us to have an intense feeling for practice, but this is also impermanent and subject to change.

Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche Root Gurus, Khamtrul Rinpoche, Adeu Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.jpg

As such, now, at the beginning of the New Year, it is extremely useful to take the opportunity and make a firm resolve and commitment to practice the Dharma:  to live according to the karmic law of cause and effect, to continually reflect upon the nature of samsara, to develop a genuine renunciation and desire for liberation, and to devote yourself to the wholehearted practice of the Buddha Dharma.

Resolve that whilst you have the opportunity you will practice at all times and in all situations. Understanding how your practice is the strongest protection against all harm, danger, and even against birth in the lower realms, whilst, at the same time, being the source of all happiness in this and all future lives.  

Wishing all of you, my Dharma friends and students, a meaningful, promising, and fulfilling New Year of the Wood Horse. May your every resolution bear fruit, and may all your wishes be fulfilled.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Choegon Rinpoche

31st January 2014

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