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These sections contain the  collections of common teachings which mainly focused on helping students to incorporate the Buddist principles into everyday life, and establishing the fundamental understanding on Dharma, for which if correctly built, will serve as the unbreakable solid ground for more advance teachings and practices. Choegon Rinpoche is very careful and skilful when come to higher practices and meditation instructions. All special teachings shall only be conferred individually or to a predefined group, in accordance to the capacity and readiness of the students. 

Latest Teachings
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Short Bardo Teaching & How One can Help a Dying Person?
A number of students have posted the similar questions on how they can offer genuine help during those challenging time when their family, freinds or loved ones is very sick or in their dying bed ...
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Parinirvana Anniversary vs Birthday
In Vajrayana, parinirvana is not seen as a death day, but is being contemplated as an enlightened day. Birthday, is just a day marking the appearing of someone in this world. From the mundane perspective, birth is celebrated as a joy day ...
Meat Blessing Mantra
Initially, Rinpoche is quite reluctant to transmit this mantra, as Rinpoche said it's not appropriate to teach a mantra that may indirectly encourage meat eating. However, at the repetitive entreaties of his disciples, Rinpoche has kindly ...
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Teachings on Bodhicitta
Realization and Compassion are two wings, inseparable from each other. The higher the realization, the deeper the compassion ... None of the great masters from the past have ever attained enlightenment without first arousing Bodhicitta ...
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